3D-Printed 1/12th Scale Pan Car

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The Mission

I accidently bought a 1/12th scale RC body: http://www.killerbodyrc.com/page/products.aspx?cid=12&sid=28 I really dig the Martini Racing design. Did I mention I also own two Lancia Delta HF Integrale in Martini Racing trim (sadly, only in 1/10th scale :) )? They are so gorgeous (don't let my girlfriend know...). Anyhow. I have various 1/10th scale chassis, but the really cool LC2 body won't fit 'em. I thought about converting a Tamiya F-10x, but then I decided to go for a newly built (printed) chassis - I always wanted to make my own RC car.

The Idea

  • Luckily Daniel Norée did some awesome work on designing a 1/10th scale F1 car. I decided to use it as a starting point for my project.
  • I needed to adapt it to the body size (170mm width, 235mm wheelbase)
  • I wanted to use standard 1/12th scale wheels, since I didn't want to print them for various reasons

The Result

3DPanCar01.jpg 3DPanCar02.jpg 3DPanCar03.jpg 3DPanCar04.jpg

The Building Instructions

  • Body:
    • Killerbody Lancia LC2[1]
  • First, print all the parts:
  • Get all the screws and nuts needed:
    • M3 8mm screws counter-sunk
    • M3 10mm screws counter-sunk
    • M3 10mm screws cylinder-head
    • M3 12mm screws counter-sunk
    • M3 12mm screws cylinder-head
    • M3 30mm screws cylinder-head
    • M3 locknuts
    • M3 nuts
    • M3 6,5mm washers
    • M3 setscrews 3mm
    • M3 setscrews 20mm
    • TBD
  • Get all the ball bearings needed:
    • 4 * 3x8x4 (front wheel hubs)
    • 2 * 12x18x4 (rear axle)
  • Get the wheels needed:
    • 1/12th scale foam wheels:
      • Front: 1/12 on-road foamies, I used TRC TM1212 45°
      • Rear: 1/12 on-road foamies, I used GRP GTY30S 25°
  • Get the electronics needed:
    • Standard 540 motor and matching ESC (a 540 can is a pretty heavy and over-sized, but I had it lying around…)
    • 11mm servo, like Hitec HS-81(MG), Simprop SES-190 or similar
    • ESC, receiver, battery
  • Build:
    • Screw drivers depending on your screw head types
    • Threadlock
    • Pair of pliers


Prototype first run

<embedvideo service="youtube">https://youtu.be/3Ddfnr5d1w4</embedvideo>

The build

<embedvideo service="youtube">https://youtu.be/OdeOuD9ucUY</embedvideo>

The Learnings

  • Use a smaller motor - 380 type would suffice