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**** This product might be outdated soon. SoftwareProjectGPSMinna will be its successor. ****

The Story

Since I bought a new Garmin Colorado 300 (sic!) I didn't want to take printouts with me any more (= PaperlessGeoCaching). So I decided to take only .GPX with me. Nice try, but the images are missing. :-(
Therefore I needed a way to take all of the cache description with me. Coincidentally :-P I started developing for Apple iPhone and iPod Touch....(you can guess what's coming next..) I thought up a way to use my iPod Touch für paperless GeoCaching.

The Way It Works

  • The Application Save Cache to should be run when you have your desired cache opened in Safari
  • After run it converts the selected cache description into PDF using WKPDF (see for details)
  • After that it converts the PDF into JPG
  • The converted JPG will be renamed to the cache description page name
  • The JPGs will be imported into iPhoto in a (new) album named "Paperless GeoCaching"
  • Now you should set up iPhoto to sync this to your iPhone oder iPod Touch
  • Go geocaching and don't forget your iPod Touch or iPhone :-)


You can download it here: (And YES, it's FREE! :-) )


To install just decompress the downloaded .zip-file and place the "Paperless GeoCaching-Folder in your Applications-Folder (important, since paths are hardcoded in the application).


  • Run Save Cache to while you're viewing a cache description (repeat as often as you like with the caches you like to visit)
  • Sync "Paperless GeoCaching"-Album from iPhoto to your iPod Touch or iPhone

One more thing

If you find this useful, let me know].
IF you do, don't forget to thank the WKPDF-makers too. Without them, this would not work.
@Christian P.: If you want to place a donation link here, please contact me. TIA.