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Send As Email CMM

What is it?

The simplest way to send a file (or more) as an email attachment.

Download here. Don't hesitate! It's free and only 60K in size...


This is how it works:

Click on a file, choose "Send n File(s) As Email…". That's it. Your favourite mail application will open a new e-mail and attach the files.

System requirements

  • Mac OS X10.4 or later
  • 100KB of free disk space :-)
  • Apple Mail, Qualcomm Eudora or Microsoft Entourage. Other mail applications are not supported yet.
  • PPC or Intel-CPU! It's a Universal Binary, so it runs on both systems at maximum speed :)


  • mount the downloaded disk image by doubleclicking
  • copy the SendAsEmailCMM.plugin into your favourite "Contextual Menu Items" folder. (/Library/Contextual Menu Items/ for all users on your machine, or /Users/<yourhomefolder>/Library/Contextual Menu Items/ for your user)